Climbing into a tree

Mounting in a tree can help you find your way around the forest. You can look for an invisible landmark from the ground. Climbing into a tree can also be used to help protect yourself from danger. Or to recover a stuck object.

Using the TYBELT allows you to climb a tree in the manner of pruners to facilitate climbing.


Tying your hammock

When you want to install your hammock in the forest, the space between the trees is not always adapted. Using the TYBELT will connect it to both trees and adjust their position.


Train a big branch 

When riding a mountain bike, you can encounter obstacles such as a branch that path. With a TYBELT, it is easier to move or shoot heavy and awesome objects. The belt helps to be in a better position while having more strength to pull the object. Thanks to TYBELT moving a branch by several people is easy.

   main courante

​​Help a person to overcome an obstacle 

When hiking, the TYBELT belt can help a person cross a difficult path. It can be used as a small handrail or as an improvised "pole-and-branch".

douche solaire

Attach a bag or a solar shower  

In nature, it is possible to use the TYBELT belt to attach a bag of food that we must protect animals. In addition, solar showers are widely used in wild camping, but fixing high is often problematic.


Attach or draw a canoe 

On a canoe trip, you often have to pull or tie your canoe. With a TYBELT, you can easily pull it out of the water. You can also attach it to a branch or a root to prevent it from being washed away. The belt could also be used to tie two boats together.


Attaching Bikes on the bike rack of a car 

The straps supplied with bike carriers may appear fragile. TYBELT can replace a damaged strap or reinforce existing bindings. Thanks to her great resistance, she will be very effective in this situation and will reassure her user.

vélo de randonnée

Sling an object on a hiking bike  

Touring bikes are always equipped with panniers. Often crowded, it is sometimes necessary to attach an extra object or bag. TYBELT can cleverly answer this need.


​​Make a fagot of branches

There is no wild camping without campfires. Going for wood in the forest can become tedious. Gather branches and make a fagot with the TYBELT will facilitate the task.