porte matériel

​​Belt and satchel holder material

On construction sites, most roofers and carpenters use a tool belt. TYBELT can easily play this role. It can also be useful for attaching, lifting, or shooting all kinds of objects.

porte arrière de camionette

​​Lock the door back of a van

Some objects are too long to fit fully into a van. In this case, the rear door or doors remain open. To prevent them from rolling around, the TYBELT belt can help you out by tying the doors.

fixation galerie camionette

Attach Hardware on the van gallery

To bring a ladder or bulky equipment to a job site, it may be necessary to transport it on the job site. gallery of a van. If a strap is missing, the TYBELT belt will fix it with ease.

ligne de vie

​​Evolve along of a life line 

In industry and building, lifelines are commonly used to get around safely on rooftops, on certain bridges and other overhead cranes. In general, users wear a harness, but the lanyard remains, sometimes, at the bottom of the van. With the TYBELT belt, you can make a long fortune in optimal safety conditions.

soulever un big-bag

​​Raise a Big bag 

Many materials are packaged in bulk in tanks, skips or big-bags that can be moved by a crane. In some circumstances, it may be missing a few inches to connect the big-bag to the hook. The TYBELT belt can then join and support the weight of the big-bag without any problem.


Drag and drop a palette  

Truck drivers and truck drivers often find it difficult to unload the pallets from the trucks, and the" D "system is often used to unload them, such as the TYBELT belt. pull a hard-to-reach pallet to the point where the hoist can lift it.

lanière de boîte à outils

Replace the lanyard of a tool kit 

Most technicians (plumber, electrician, mechanic, ...) always move with their toolbox slung.With the wear, or following a snag, it can let go or tear. The TYBELT belt can act as a replacement lanyard.

lourde charge

Raising a beam with a hoist

If the lifting straps you normally use have remained in the van at the other end of the yard, or in an emergency, you can use the Tybelt belt to lift a beam up to 2200kg!