pansement compressif

Maintaining a bandage compression 

In first aid, it is recommended, to intervene on a wound with heavy bleeding, to maintain pressure with absorbent material.

EWhen hiking, if an accident of this nature occurs, it may be ingenious to use the TYBELT to keep the pressure on the dressing.


​​Evacuate a person unconscious or injured 

In the summer, wildfires can quickly develop and trap trappers. Panic and fumes can cause discomfort. To evacuate the casualty of this dangerous area, it is advisable to pull it by the feet or the shoulders. The TYBELT belt can facilitate evacuation.

bras en echarpe

​​Maintaining an arm in a sling 

Fracture, sprain, dislocation, etc. Following an injury to the arm or shoulder, it may be necessary to put this arm in a sling. Failing to have a suitable fabric, the TYBELT proves to be an interesting alternative. It's a temporary solution until you see a doctor or go to the hospital.


Improvising a makeshift splint

Some injuries require immobilizing the limb while waiting for rescue. You can improvise a splint with branches, clothes and a TYBELT!