Payment methods and Secure payment


Payment shall be made at the time the order is placed.

Secure payment

Payments shall be made by cheque, Paypal or debit/credit card. A secure system is used for debit/credit card payments, employing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol whereby the data transferred is encrypted by software; no third-party can access said data during transfer across the network.


LThe buyer's account shall only be debited when the available products have been dispatched and for the amount of the products sent. A VAT invoice may be issued at the request of the buyer.

Identity control

In the event anti-fraud measures are required to secure customer transactions, BBM équipement may request that the buyer provide proof of address and/or identification by email or fax before the order can be validated.

Definitive validation

The order will thus only be definitively validated when BBM équipement has received these documents and has sent a confirmation email. If these documents are not received or if they do not definitively prove the identity of the person placing the order and their address, BBM équipement reserves the right to refuse the order.

Order refusal

BBM équipement also reserves the right to refuse an order if there is an outstanding dispute over payment or an unusually high order level.